The one thing so many people do incorrectly in their videos…

You are wasting precious time by introducing yourself in your videos! 

Video makes up over 80% of the content viewed online (Source: Cisco). There is an enormous amount of content out there and we only have a fraction of time to get people’s attention.

There’s a few valuable seconds where someone makes the decision to continue watching or to keep scrolling. My biggest piece of advice to increase retention: don’t waste those valuable seconds with “Hey, I’m Paige, it’s nice to meet you.” 

If you’re using video to try to reach new customers, clients, or followers, it’s more than okay to introduce yourself, just wait until you’ve already said something that provides value.

The introduction right off the bat is not the most valuable information in the video. Use a hook at the beginning, and get people to commit to watching your content before you get into the whole biography. 

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