3 Ways Video Can Save You Time

You probably already know that video is a great marketing tool. It can help with brand awareness, lead gen, and sales. But one thing people don’t often consider if that video can also be used to save you a lot of time.

Below are three ways video can automate some of your processes and ultimately save you loads of time.

  1. No more explaining what you do over and over again. We spend so much time on the phone, over email, or on Zoom calls explaining what we do and what our process looks like. But if you have a video, (for example, a Video Business Card) that you could send to these prospects before you begin your conversation with them, they can learn a whole lot more about what you do before making that initial contact. This not only saves you time from explaining over and over again, but it also weeds out folks who aren’t going to be a good fit.
  2. Answer your most frequently asked questions. This can go hand in hand with explaining what you do, but there are often questions that don’t fall into that initial pitch. We all have those questions that we’re tired of answering. How nice would it be if when you got that question over email or in your dms, you could just blast off a video and say, “Hey, I actually have a video that answers this question.”
  3. Replace emails with videos. Another way that I like to save time with videos is actually sending video emails. We speak a lot faster than we write. And most of us speak faster than we can type. We can also communicate so much more effectively using video, because people can see our facial expression and they can hear the tone of our voice. 

When you’re thinking about using video content for your business, remember, it’s not just a marketing tool, but an overall business tool.

Time is one of our most valuable assets. Why wouldn’t you want to save as much as you can?

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